Why It’s Twisted

The elections are around the corner, as usual we are trying to wrap our minds around the most credible candidate. Ever thought about the criteria used to determine the most suitable ? If you think about it, most times the qualities that sit at the top are very similar to what one would attribute to the one and only God. Think about it, for one to be an American president one had to be as clean as a whistle. We all know now that the expectation is unrealistic. Interestingly it’s possible to get a candidate that is less than clean. Show me a clean candidate and I’ll show you Jesus Christ. In the quest for a clean candidate, those that clean ones image pitch for clients. Do you know it’s possible to transform the public image of anyone so that they are packaged to be clean ? You get what you’re looking for. If only momentarily. Once the election is over the public image firm is out of work. In the real sense we are looking for God in a person and the one that meets the imagination is it for us. Imagine how a human feels when they can chose who God will be? It can be so exhilarating, or not. I have always wondered why we become so animated. Mainly because we’re deluded that as an individual you can make a difference. In fact some go as far as to say we need to participate in the process to help God fulfill His purpose. A question that arises is, where do we get the impression that God needs man’s help? Not in the Bible. The Bible essentially is about how man needs God’s help, not the other way round. So why vote? In the Bible casting lots was common when a decision based on options was required. When you choose to cast lots it’s as a result of trust in the process, regardless of the outcome. Particularly when the process owner is trustworthy. When casting lots it’s assumed God is the process owner. In elections however one has to contend with whether the government of the day can be trusted. If it can be trusted then the voting process and outcome will be rewarding. If not, it’s like gambling. Sometimes you win, most times however it’s a catastrophic loss. Regardless of the government, God is sovereign. Regardless how democratic or autocratic the political regime, He is in control. Humans require different circumstances to realise the extent to which we need God in order to enjoy living. When we participate in elections it’s a way of demonstrating the confidence we have in the government election institution. If we do it for any other reason prepare to be disappointed. One doesn’t need to be a prophet to see that many will be disillusioned and disappointed. Mainly because the reason they are participating is already misguided. Remember someone has to be chosen and that person is being determined by a God that doesn’t think like man. Sounds twisted right?

Satan loves gospel music


When one looks at the works of Christ as described in the gospels something interesting comes to light. Everyone that approached him with a need was fortunate to have it met. Yes, the blind got to see,the lame to walk and even the dead came alive. I have often wondered why Jesus had to meet everyone’s need to enjoy creation. It was because God created man last to enjoy creation forever. How then can one enjoy creation in totality when impaired in whatever way? If you can’t see it, hear it, walk it etc ? For God this is untenable. Just before he died Jesus said ‘It is finished’. All that is required for us to enjoy creation here and now was made available, that’s what Jesus meant. It is available in Him. Gospel music today has been promoted like something that can open doors to God allowing us to enjoy the things of the Kingdom. If you think about it gospel music is now being fronted as a suitable substitute for Jesus himself. There’s only one small problem, gospel music is incapable of the same results as Jesus Christ. How many blind see, deaf hear after interacting with gospel music ? There is no trend anywhere or anytime in history where gospel music plays such a role. Satan loves gospel music because it promotes his agenda very well.i.e shifting the focus from the truth which is Christ. It doesn’t matter how much gospel music you listen to or sing, it has no capacity to release one to enjoy creation. It’s like eating a lollipop to address a headache and expecting the headache to go. I have encountered Jesus Christ through the Bible and there is quite a significant distinction between the two. Gospel music is sometimes used to distort  the truth, many songs being sang today create an impression that we are waiting for God to do something when the truth is it’s already been done. Would you believe it’s the same with prayer, Satan loves prayer. We’ve made prayer equivalent to Jesus. Sadly we do not see the supernatural that accompanied it in the Bible. This is also because we’ve shifted our focus from the centre which is Christ. Why would you leave your boss struggling to finalize a report in order to go for a prayer meeting when Jesus himself never abandoned anyone to go pray ?  Scripture tells us God did it through Christ and it is now upto us to enjoy that which he did that’s in Christ. For as long as we think gospel music is equivalent to Jesus Christ we shall not enjoy creation. Who are the real beneficiaries of gospel music? These days gospel music is called an industry. There’s a product that’s served to those that demand for it. They pay for it and the industry cycle is completed. Most of those making the music do so largely to make money. They are rewarded every year with awards just like the worldly musicians. Picture Gospel Awards 56 AD, and Apostal of the year award goes to…. sounds pretty dumb. The rest of whether the music is transformational or not is marketing. There are genuine musicians singing for the Lord, one way of knowing them is they give away their music more often than not and do not charge people money to sing. That’s what being blessed causes one to do, remember if you’ve been given freely then freely too should you give. Forget about gospel music and chase after Christ. If Christ introduces you to gospel music he’ll do so in a way that will keep you grounded. The plan was since he died for us we are to reciprocate and die to all things so that we live the life he is living on earth through us. Yes, it’s in him that all things make sense. So will you rush to the next concert for short term pleasure or will you wait for Christ to open doors that will allow us to enjoy creation now ? He’s not just the reason for the season but the reason for living. Happy Easter !

Say No To God

As a human, social compliance is such a big deal. However, this mindset is what we cross over with into the Christian faith. Once in the church we are quickly taught what to comply with. You should pray, read the bible and give ten percent of your income etc. The more one conforms to this the better placed one is in the eyes of the church members/leaders. As we do things ‘for’ God do we ever think what He is thinking? Just to show how ridiculous some of the things we do look, imagine this. The President of your country is known to love doughnuts and all leaders that pay him a visit try to take the best doughnut from their country. It’s easy to imagine given an opportunity giving him a doughnut would be such a great idea in order to please such a great person. The reality is even if you wanted, the President wouldn’t be able to receive such from someone he doesn’t have a relationship with. Those that visit the president for the first time get vetted long before they come and there’s an introduction conducted to formally make them known. It’s only after this process that one can extend a gift. If you don’t know God why would you give Him anything ? Would He receive it ? It’s important for someone to come to their senses regarding the need to interact with God. In this case one size doesn’t fit all. e. g. The service starts with praise and worship and every one is expected to participate. How does one praise/worship someone they’ve never interacted with? It’s like going to an empty football stadium to cheer an invisible team. Who does that ? There are those that have encountered God during the week and sing because it’s a testimony of their experience. Why would you want others to participate in an activity that clearly has no tangible meaning for them ? When we engage people to participate in an activity for which they have no conviction we’re leading people into religion and not a relationship with God. Drawing people to God means scratching beneath the surface to demystify what following Christ is/not. God longs to converse with us, that however cannot happen if we do not interact with Him. When we interact with Him it is possible to hear for one self what He desires. There’s a place for wanting to do what others are doing to fulfill social obligations. That notwithstanding, one should be careful not to allow others to always relay information from above when there are opportunities for one to hear and respond to He that is the centre of the affair. You may have noticed that in the Bible God is fond of interacting with individuals to convey that which is in His heart for the person. This is a great desire to instill His heart into ours. When we believe Him, He gets so pleased. He’s pleased because He’s sure to whom the glory will be ascribed. For then people will know He exists through the witnesses testimony. In our interaction with Him we get to learn just how impaired we really are. If you read the Bible carefully you’ll see there were people that He called that said no (more or less anyway). Moses, Jonah and Gideon are good examples. By their expressed reluctance we get to see just how persuasive God is when He wants one to do something. I have been brought up knowing saying no to God is akin to death. That cannot be further from the truth. He longs for someone that can share their heart with Him, as He too does. If you don’t believe His existence say so. If you don’t believe the Bible say so. It’s a really good thing to say no to God because if He wants you to do it He will convict you of it. The interesting thing is those that get to say no start off by being yes people. Until they interact with the Living God and realise the Creator is not like the created. Consequently those that start off by saying no to God end up by saying yes (Saul/Paul). You can’t hurt His feelings but you can give Him a tangible reason to intervene. It’s the same with relationships, imagine interacting with someone that is unable to take a stand on anything just to please you. It can get pretty uncomfortable when they keep telling you they will do what you want. Not because they have a conviction just to please you. When you turn your back or go away they are up to their own things. Sounds familiar? That’s how the Israelites in the Old testament were most times. If we are to move from being superficial we must say something from the heart,  even no.

Not Going To Hell

Was having a conversation the other day and something begun to become evident. We are socialised to pursue our goals. We are provoked to do whatever it takes to achieve our passion. In our pursuit of happiness something we’re not told is the conflict that arises in this endeavor of life. Picture this, you realise career prospects are limited by your qualifications. So you decide to upgrade. This may mean channeling time and funds toward this. This will affect your usual social and day to day activities. How does it feel missing a friends wedding because of exams? How does it feel if conflict emerges when your boss asks you to stay late to finish a report while you have a CAT  that same evening in class ? Imagine you’re a family person and the conflict that school brings with the spouse and children ? The time you would have visited (your favourite) Aunt Milly in hospital is not there and she went to where people go for eternity before you could see her. For what? To ensure you can secure better opportunities to pursue happiness. It’s a farce spending your life pursuing that which you consider life only to see the conflict it comes with. As a matter of  fact it gets so bad that most wise people ask the question what’s the point? Anything worth living for will eventually drain one of that zest for living one had when they begun. It just doesn’t make sense! We are taught to pursue the things we love. When we do so, it becomes a monster that devours us. How do you explain that? The Bible is pretty clear. He who finds life will lose it-Jesus said. It doesn’t matter what it is. The more you chase it the more frustrating it becomes. We were not created to chase our dreams. If we were then we should be comfortable with the outcome. So you married her/him. It was love at its best. Against the advice of friends and family though, you plunged in. If you’re honest many desires we’ve followed end up pretty disastrously. Why continue doing the same thing expecting different results? As some Christians preach to others that there’s a hell where bad people will go, they miss out on something pretty obvious. Why talk about a place we’ll go in the future when people are living in a hell of their own making today? It’s hell when you can’t enjoy the success of ones endeavors with friends whom you left along the way. What’s the point of finally moving into the most coveted neighborhood just as the children move out, remembering you’d spent your life away from home making money to achieve this? Even that position isn’t worth it when your former peers now loath you. Let’s not fear the future hell. Let’s acknowledge when we discover we are living in a nightmare where there’s nothing enjoyable to look forward to. After all when all is doom and gloom it’s a precursor of the real thing. Let us stop the lies, I am not even hinting at prosperity, there’s a way that seems right to a man but the end of it is death. Also known as the inability to enjoy ones present circumstances. It is possible to give thanks in all circumstances. It is possible to not be anxious about anything. Of course this is something I’ll write about soon. We see people in the Bible living as if they were in heaven while on earth regardless of their circumstances. Paul and Silas sang while in jail. Who does that? Responding in a way that negates the environment. These guys knew something we need to learn. We don’t need to die to enjoy heaven. We just need to get the hell out of here.


Can’t Eat Won’t Eat

Can’t stop thinking how amazing it is that fruits are of so many different types yet all so enjoyable. That’s how it’s meant to be. Sadly there are fruits for whatever reason we are unable to enjoy. It could be allergy or a phobia or just preference. I am convinced I know why God created man last. Since everything He created was good the plan was to introduce a creature that will have the capacity to enjoy all the goodness. I guess that’s why Jesus resolved all issues that limited ones ability to enjoy creation. With no exceptions. It goes without saying if I can’t or won’t eat the fruit the problem isn’t the fruit. As we begin this year we need to start it reasonably. You want to change jobs because your boss is unbearable or whatever the reason. Have you noticed how we have different reasons why we can’t or won’t ? If one is honest with themselves the issue usually lies with me. Bosses are Gods creation and the plan was for us to enjoy them. Like fruits bosses come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of the way they are, He created them and we are meant to enjoy them. Never heard of a pleasant prison but I have heard of pleasant prisoners. When we come to terms with our limitations we are prime material for the miracle working power of God working through Jesus. Are you aware when Jesus was going round as seen in the gospels there were many blind people that didn’t have the need to see? Only those that recognised the problem and asked for help  received it. Generally speaking we are creatures of this world and draw comfort from each other. If my neighbour is having a rougher time at the workplace than myself that is comforting. Yes, we derive relief from the hardship of others. That causes us to look away from the real problem emanating from within. I am OK because my boss doesn’t get to me like Michael. I should instead be asking why can’t I enjoy His creation of whom my boss is ? When we go before God with what limits this possibility it’s a guarantee that He will sort it. Leaving may not be the solution. Would He create the world and everything in it for us to enjoy and then refuse to deal with that which limits this ? Please remind me why God is good. We start the year with very great expectations (most people anyway) and towards the end of the year we wonder where we lost the ball. If we can’t enjoy all of His creation then clearly we are yet to be free from the limitations (also known as bondage) in our lives. May God put us where the teaching of Christ is and through this may we know the truth and be set free and free indeed. If stuck in the can’t or won’t cycle fear not, we’re all created like that in one way or the other. The main reason really is so that we can acknowledge Him in all our ways for Him to make our ways straight. Meaning He wants witnesses when He solves the issue  (how will people know He exists ?) and that will prompt us to ascribe glory to whom it belongs. Happy New Year.


Do Not Con Form

I came across something very peculiar about life. It’s so disturbing that I choose to bring it to your attention. It’s for this reason we need to be saved from ourselves. Humans love form. Most things have a standard by which people consider to be proper. That which is the standard becomes the form for that thing or issue. We know through form what is beautiful and what is not. We will die for form. I guess that’s why humanity has such fractured relations. We cluster with those that concur with our beliefs which are a form in themselves. Call it what you want, it’s the same thing. Racism, tribalism, cronyism, nepotism and even baptism (I am allowed to joke). Form consistently ruins the most valuable aspect of living, relationships. Doesn’t matter which, if you stick to form tumbling down your relationship goes. A good example is how contracts are meant to be an indicator of how things can be. I loved contracts. Every one needs to stick to it’s script. When the other party fails it can be enforced. Imagine how uncomfortable your boss becomes when you push for form to be met when the existing environment is not conducive? Who thinks that bosses don’t want to be able to give their team the best possible deal? Which boss likes working with a demotivated and grumpy team? For this reason some bosses will find ways of circumventing form to reward their people. Sadly because of what is called violation of form very few bosses would want to jeopardize their career because of others. Form doesn’t allow they would say. We are fond of form. Interestingly God couldn’t be bothered by form. He does things however he wants and it always works. He is more about the spirit. Form is about the tangible, whereas spirit is about the intangible. They both have their place but the spirit always takes the day. Ever taken an insurance policy and when you experience an issue requiring compensation you get shocked to realise they won’t pay up? The form is clear they need to compensate, the spirit however is different. Usually one would think they are being exploited. Regardless of the issue when one pursues form it will most likely irreparably destroy the relationships of those involved. The fact that we are keen to stick to form means we have a deficiency that forces us to lean this way. We lack the capacity to forgive, to love and to go with the flow. If I like you it is easy to forgive, to love or go with the flow. For this reason we don’t think there’s a problem. However if we can’t be consistent then it means something is wrong. Why should I get so upset with the police man when he pulls me over for speeding, after all there are worse things happening right? He’s just up holding form. Form is a basis to find a solution, it’s not always the solution. When it’s not helping get rid of it and move on. Humans can relate better when they are not confined to form. If the boss refuses to approve my perk request I can push for it. However if I tell him I understand there must be a good reason for the decision, this will create a good working atmosphere. Would you rather have your way and make the working environment hostile or would you rather stand down and enjoy the place? We can be pretty short sighted. If your boss likes you he’ll be the first to endorse you behind closed doors when the leadership are looking for talent. The boss can’t keep you to themselves forever, remember your attribute of going with the spirit not always form will get known by other bosses so to speak. People essentially prefer being with someone that won’t muddy the waters. Those that are like this tend to be treated well by others. Who doesn’t want good treatment ? If you’re the abrasive go getter no wonder few want your company. Chances are if you’re the kind that prefers spirit over form you have friends falling over themselves in search of your company. The opposite holds, if you love form then most likely you and your formys have a club house where you meet. i.e. because no one looks for the other. A case of birds of a feather. Life can be so pleasant when one has different kinds of friends that have different interests and are at different points in their lives. This is what makes life have flavor. The different personalities to enjoy. Why lock yourself in when there’s so much out there to enjoy ? I refuse to be conned to form that I may freely enjoy all that has been created for my pleasure.

On The Table

As we go through the avenue of life it becomes less enjoyable, void of peace and very complicated. It was not meant to get like this. God created man last with the clear intention for creation to be enjoyed by man. That intention hasn’t  changed. Interestingly we are created with an interesting characteristic. We love keeping the things that fracture friendships in the dark.  To keep unpleasant things hidden in the dark is not just socially accepted but also preferred. What does this have to do with enjoying life? Keep reading. The world teaches that our strengths can overshadow our weaknesses and thus the quest to know ones strengths is a proposed key to success. If I remember my team building lessons well, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This is telling. In real terms it doesn’t matter how much you feed your strength for your weakness will be your undoing. Hence I propose we are better placed focusing on our weakness for therein lies the key to viewing our life with eyes void of blindness. Normally we learn it’s not socially capitalising to front ones weakness as it erodes the confidence others have in us. Nothing could be further from the truth. Humans by nature are drawn to the needy for us to help. Or we are drawn to the weak so as to exploit. Pick your poison. It’s amazing how we understand the same thing completely differently, that’s how messed up we are. The truth won’t change because I see it differently. I digress. All along I have thought myself great at many things, however life was becoming pretty dull and tasteless. It doesn’t make sense how things that look good don’t feel as good. What could be missing? To my horror I begun to discover my weaknesses and quickly learnt how to hide them in the cloak of strengths. This only forces one to become an actor. A good actor gets a social Oscar, a bad one is called a hypocrite. Regardless how good an actor one is they can’t deceive themselves , not through out anyway. To do away with the conflict the remedy is simple. Put it on the table, let people know. When I started telling those close what my weaknesses were, something strange happened. Gradually those around me begun to actively contribute into the areas of my weakness. I am pretty foolish when it comes to dealing with people. Once I tell guys this, I get overwhelming support through information or issues that point me in the right direction. For this reason I started seeing people from a different perspective. The very same people I was clueless about yesterday are the ones I view with pleasure today. A good example is its easy to forward an audit report with exactly what you’ve found on the ground. However could it be possible you didn’t see the whole picture? For this reason I am learning how to see things from anothers perspective and hence I now post findings that have wider acceptance. Clearly there’s more to this life than just what I think. Through my weakness I have learnt to depend on others. Nothing pleases a human than knowing so and so depends on me. It has largely contributed to others seeing me as a normal person and warming up to me. I can be pretty hard and cold so this has really helped. Uncovering my weaknesses has given me access to the resources lacking that are in others. The more I learn to depend on them in my weakness, the better life looks as they give me access to what I need. When I say when I am weak then I am strong, it now makes sense. In my weakness people rally to me to prop me up. Why hide things under the table when you can put them up there and get helped ? We were created to enjoy His creation. I can’t enjoy those around me unless I allow them into my life through exposing my unpleasant things. Sounds crazy? Not to me.