Are You Wild Or Game ?


I always get amazed by the lion. Such a large impressive creature and so powerful. The roar instils reverence, awe and terror all at the same time. The zoo lion is massive, clean and well mannered. It however looks pretty bored and unnaturally confined with a commercial roar to boot. This is the way we view most formally employed people. They are a sight to behold with their many bells and whistles that come with the job. Now imagine with me if this lion was told it had outlived it’s usefulness and was sent to the savannah. In the open space the lion would still think all is well. However come lunch time the usual steak would not come. The lion being sharp would figure maybe the large four wheel drive vehicles driving through the savannah with people inside has the steak. On trailing the vehicle it would be puzzled because no steak is ever tossed out. For days this would go on with the plump lion beginning to wonder what’s wrong with it’s stomach. Hunger is a new experience that is unwelcome. On it’s vehicle trailing trips it notices other scrawny and weather beaten lions. It decides to watch how they survive. One evening it watches as the pride hatch the plan, hunt and catch a zebra. The lion is horrified ! Why would one do such an uncultured thing and kill one of it’s kind ! Why not be patient and wait for the warden ? Meanwhile every day the lion gets weaker. One day it gets close enough to see what these wild lions were eating. As horrible as it may have been it looked appetising. The lion moved closer hoping it would be invited. To the contrary it is viciously chased. It realises if it does not become wild real quick it would starve to death. For this reason it begins to devise it’s own schemes to ambush and kill for food. The process is very challenging but most rewarding. The lion begins to realise it can decide what size and type of steak it can eat, the time to eat and how often. It realises it can eat from several places but that some places are hostile due to the territorial nature of lions. It gets to interact with lionesses and even establishes it’s own pride. It has never has never mated before and this is so cool. This all comes at a cost as would be expected. Some costs include giving up tamidity (being tame/timid) to become wild, loosing some ‘moral values’ and becoming a killer, getting rid of gentlemanly behaviour and becoming a relentless fighter, forgetting good grooming and being plagued by ticks, scarred and loosing lots of weight. Some gains from this include freedom to roam, leadership to control mates, choices to make for himself, plenty of food, real friends that would die for him and experiences that he would never have otherwise. It is exactly the same for those employed when they are asked to leave. They die while others watch because they refuse to become wild. Their is no other way to survive in the jungle. One has to get out and look for something to do. The best way is to start by watching what others are doing and how they are doing it. The successful ones seem to be the most unreasonable and demanding. Most achievers seem like this and it is because they are unable to settle for less. If you don’t learn from them you are already done. The polite and caring seem to be struggling most times, only making enough to pay bills if at all. You decide what your knowledge source will be. Humans are really interesting, the truth is staring you in the face yet you think there must be a better way. Ask the lion from the zoo and it will tell you. It would have died but for being wild. As a lion you need to realise your enclosure has no gate and you can get out into the wild and learn from the wild lions and even hunt. This will position you well for the real world, it is wild. There is nothing wrong with the world, like the savannah it is what it is. Be wild and thrive or die as game.


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