I Am Not Waiting For Heaven.


All my life has been one long wait. Waiting to grow bigger, older, more educated, get promoted, richer, wiser etc The dialogue was emphasised by those that said we look forward to heaven. Another thing to wait for ! Sadly while waiting we do not enjoy what is already available. When I look back I feel like an idiot. So many friends I did not make time for, so many events I ignored, so many meetings I did not participate in. All because I was waiting for the perfect thing to present itself. Perfect, according to me anyway. When expectation is high nothing looks like it. So I stumbled upon a certain truth that shook me. Our expectations are based on what we think we deserve. The church circles are essentially misleading by not teaching the truth. According to the Bible we deserve death. This does not change even after we surrender to Christ. We get what is Christ’s but do not deserve it. That is why if someone is slapped they can turn the other cheek. Being slapped is much better than getting what one really deserves. Being given a tongue lashing is better than death. That made me start looking at what is around me with more appreciation. There is nothing around me that I deserve. It is all by God’s grace that I am part of it. I do not deserve such a committed wife, a loving daughter, a passionate boss, wonderful neighbours, friendly colleagues, the list is endless. When I see all this I am moved to realise my life is heavenly. As if this is not enough God himself is present and making possible that which I would never have imagined. Like I no longer depend on my salary for he provides more than what I earn. Every month. This does not happen because of any reason you can think of. It is not because I tithe, pray or do not sin. It is because I have learnt to receive from him often. He is always giving and he wants us to experience him in all sorts of ways. One cannot help but feel overwhelmed by His goodness. For this reason I do not wait for heaven, after all when Jesus prayed let it be on earth as it is in heaven when was that prayer meant to be answered? It was answered for those that accessed the Kingdom of heaven which had always been near. Unless you become like a little child you will never enter the Kingdom of heaven, so Jesus said. We do not enter it on death, that is why Paul and other disciples were living a heavenly life on earth. If some of us were treated like them we would abandon the faith fast. Why did they not ?


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