Want To Be Redundant

Over the years I have made an observation that has made me to think beyond the obvious and realise things are not what they seem. I was of the opinion wherever I was became my sphere of influence. When I showed up things begun to change. It was because of me. For this reason I would ensure I am there in good time to make my valued contribution. Have you noticed when you are not around things will continue to happen. In fact I begun to observe a trend. There were certain things I thought would be important to address and I would make this known. However credit would go to someone else. I could not understand this because it should have been me that was credited. So I decided to keep my ideas to myself. Would you believe even with the idea well hidden, somebody else would articulate it for action. Surprising how we think alike. In other words the more observant I become the more redundant I become. This is because it’s not us doing it but God through us. When you think you will sabotage your boss by not handing in a crucial report then he goes on leave and your friend who is his cover takes the heat. Or you post the best results for your region only to see the dashboard green with other region highs that surpass yours. Things do not happen in isolation. They are all brought by the one above. In line with this is thinking a perfect family is the one with a dad, mum and children. Writing off those with only a mum and feeling sorry for their children for lack of a father. How does one explain the children of such that turn out well ? We attribute it to all sorts of things around effort and luck. We are aware of normal families that churn out horrible children. Or some that have a black sheep. How do you explain that ? What seems to be what will work is not usually the case. Being a father is not easy. Quite the contrary. Imagine having a child to bring up through ones influence. I am a lousy father. The more I tried to transfer my ideas to my daughter the worse it became. When I gave up and started going with the flow my daughter loosened up and begun to be herself. She is very different from me and she has her own way of getting things done. It is the same with marriage. Even employment. The more I assert myself the harder things get. The more I go with the flow the better the day is. Going with the flow is rendering yourself redundant. The more redundant I get the more enjoyable my days. I have longed for that elusive glory of making others see my perspective in vain. So I have painfully abandoned mine for God’s with the most amazing results. For as long as my day is rewarding that is all that matters. I have learnt more and seen more achieved in the process. Yes I often relapse but reality is harsh and I realise my enemy afresh. Myself.


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