Don’t Wait Until You Get To Heaven


As I grow older drawing pleasure from life has become more challenging. Some things that were so pleasurable no longer have that appeal. It is so easy to believe that heaven will address this issue. Hence looking forward to going there is part of everyday living. The question is whether it should be that way. At teens we are currently looking at ‘purpose’ with the hope that it will clarify what we are here for. Surprised though to see what is coming out of it as we squeeze it. I really never considered knowing God as related to one’s purpose. Is it really possible to know Him ? What is the point of knowing Him ? In the Bible there are many passages that show off people that knew him well. It also gives us a consistent impression of His longing for us to get to know Him. Knowing Him enables us to have an understanding of reality that is representative of the status quo. This opens our eyes to seeing things from a better light. Understanding why things work the way they do, for or against. Imagine you were able to see how something will end before you start, that would give one assurance to decide with reason. Most times life is one big gamble. It seems that the lucky get ahead while the others gnash. The other reason we are here is to get to know each other. We are all created with a flavor that one can access to enjoy life. We just don’t realise how enjoyable people are. The focus most likely is on visible things. Misery is a function of having no one to enjoy them with. Is it really possible to know someone ? Great biographies capture the essence of the person fairly well and by reading, one can have a very good idea of what the person was like. We do not need to wait for a biography to know one. We all long (c/overtly) to be known. When you know someone you are able to benefit the most from that information. The getting to know someone is a process whose time is dependent on many different things. The key one though is interest. If one wants to know someone they will if they have interest. The other one is spending time with the person under various circumstances. It seems obvious until one realises they have known their parents a long time yet get surprised when they do something unimaginable. This also shows there is only so much we can know about one. However we can know someone well enough to know how to relate with them meaningfully. Like knowing what they would love as a gift. Knowing where they would be at any given time. Who their best friends are and so on. That is not the reason of knowing them as in enjoying who they are. Ever known someone you look for so that they lift your spirits just by being with them ? One cannot put their finger on it, but it’s not the words they use or their mannerisms or their laughter. There is just something about this person that warms your heart. They do not even have to be good but you long for their company when you are down in the dumps. There are others we look forward to for different reasons. They too exude a flavor unique only to them. The thing is if we can get to know people to this extent then it is possible to get to know God. If we are interested and willing to spend time searching for Him we shall find Him and know His flavor. There is nothing I know quite like him, he’s something unlike anything I have ever experienced and better. Jesus said unless one becomes like a little child they will never enter the Kingdom of heaven. The King of heaven is present everywhere, believing he exists takes child like faith. That is the first step to really enjoying heaven on earth. Remember when Jesus in his prayer lesson taught let it be on earth as it is in heaven ? This is because where the King is, heaven is present. I do not intend to wait for death to go to heaven when I can enjoy the things of heaven right now. Is this really possible one wonders ? Ask God.


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