Why Is It So Difficult To Give ?

Was having a discussion with my cousin the way people are so mean to the extent that their blessings are locked up. It got me thinking what giving is all about. I have struggled to give all my life. It is not easy because there is some reality we need to grasp. If I have worked so hard and am paid for it, giving from that perspective is a challenge. Mainly because it was hard coming by. The assumption is if everyone works hard then we will not need to give much because everyone has something. Why don’t others put in the work ? Why do I have to be the one giving ? The Bible encourages us not to grow weary of doing good. Giving may be good but I grew weary a long time ago. If it is so good, why is it so tedious ? We are taught that we all have something to give. Is that really true ? I know there are many times I have found myself without a thing to give. What does one do then? It puts one in an awkward situation for as long as one is lacking and needs abound. Meanwhile the discussion got heated with words like how mean, selfish and unwilling we are to open doors to being blessed through the act. Who honestly doesn’t want to give? Of course the reality is some of us are really scrooges at heart. We want to but just can’t do it freely. Which brings to mind the scripture ‘freely you have been given,freely give’. I wonder, what have I been given freely ? When I think about it I have worked for most of what I have. It has not come freely. So I guess I am off the hook for that reason. If one has not been given something freely it is a challenge giving that same thing. I see that look, very judgemental. The Bible hopes we shall see the light just how without we are. Some of us lack love, others lack wisdom ,while others lack health, others it’s physical wholeness, others it’s money and the list is endless. For this reason God longs for it to click in our minds that it is he that is able to provide all our needs. God does not have every thing just for himself, he wants to give us so that we let others know that he has. Does this mean that we can get money freely? Yes. And all things we need. What Jesus did gave us access to stuff only he is worthy of. The deal is too good, but it is true. What is written is not a myth particularly after you have encountered God for yourself and have started enjoying the free things. All my life being given money ended the moment that I got my first work pay. This does not mean I was being given a lot as such, but you get the point. From that I have earned every coin.  When I got to know God I realised he is not what I had thought he was. This begun around the time our church started a major funds drive to raise money to construct a visionary complex. Why is it that visionary things are so costly ? We were told to give via faith. I know faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. I decided to ask God. After sometime he told me (story for another day) to give an amount that was substantial whichever way you look at it. I started thinking how does one source such money just like that? I decided what’s the worst that can happen? I filled a pledge form and sat tight. Do I sell something precious? What to do? It is during this season that I learnt something interesting. If you are the son of a super wealthy and good dad and find yourself having to pledge at a fund raising without consultation how much would you pledge ? You cannot pledge little money if you know who you are in relation to your dad. That’s what begun to go through my mind. If God tells you something you are incapable of He is not hoping you will do your best. He hopes you will trust him to get it done. Would you believe I surrendered the issue just like that. There were days I imagined being summoned by the leadership and me telling them God is taking long, I would then suggest we be patient. Anyway fast forward 2 years, my mums family needed to share her inheritance with her next of kin. Would you believe in my hands fell money more than what I had pledged ? I prayed for another year wondering what it was for. Shows how quickly we forget. By the time I was fulfilling the pledge it was not that difficult. I had done nothing to earn that money. My relatives could have decided not to give this money. It’s from this episode that it dawned on me that God wants us to consistently enjoy free stuff. Also called the stuff of grace. From that time going forward I have enjoyed many free things. Things that I do not deserve. These things are easy to share, after all they are either too many or they have come at an unplanned time. Imagine getting money when you are your brokest. It would be easy to share such. One lesson missing today in church is how to get free things. If one can learn then freely one would give for freely they have been given.


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