My Role At the Gate

Being a leader is equivalent to being a gate keeper. It is a position of influence where one can decide for or against. In my capacity as a lead volunteer teaching teens and helping my colleagues it goes without saying that I am influential. That can be a good,a bad or a both thing. If I do well, the influence is good. If I don’t do well, then the influence is bad. Being human then means one can have influence that is interpreted differently regardless one’s best efforts. I started out by thinking that the longer one sat under my teaching the better I was getting. Teens is a very interesting group to teach. Every year is unique. There are fast paced ones, packed classes ones, chaotic ones and so on. Never a similar year. That goes to show how differently we behave as individuals or in groups in light of the seasons and unique circumstances. This essentially means most teens for varied reasons are in class for only one year. There are teens that last more than 3 years. These are rare. Mainly because there are so many things changing in and around the lives of this age group. Story for another day. Since there’s such a short time to make an impact what’s the best way of doing it? I have settled on working with the volunteers and helping them grasp what it takes to help teens. Volunteers tend to be around longer than teens. The initial thinking was that if I can control what volunteers have access to then I can control what they teach. As I go along this journey I am learning what my role as gate keeper is. To introduce people to God and leave them to get to know Him for themselves. God does not need me to teach them his stuff. He has plainly indicated that he can, will and is enlightening those in His presence. I have always wondered why Peter and crew were not bothered by the prominence Paul (initially Saul) was enjoying whIle he never spent time with Christ while he was alive. It was because they knew once you met God for yourself the truth shall be revealed. Truth sets us free. I no longer depend on my pastor for counsel but God himself. In fact depending on the plan of God for my life I can become a resource that is sought by the who is who in the church hierarchy. Ideally we are meant to be introduced to God and once we interact with him the freedom we get allows us to venture where we could not. If you look at the new testament there is no one that had a permanent congregation. The leaders were free. Church members too were not expected to remain in one church, they were free to go about God’s work as the Lord saw fit. This has since changed. I heard somewhere that if you want to understand an issue, look for those that benefit most from it. Jesus actually put it very well. The Pharisees being gate keepers were not getting in to God and were not allowing anyone in. In essence they did not know God. How do you usher someone to He you do not know ? Since being a gate keeper is such a privileged position there is no one that would want to be rendered irrelevant. The truth however is as follows. A good gate keeper as far as the things of God is concerned is one that often renders themselves irrelevant. How can I compete with God ? Why would I foolishly want to share in His glory ? Jesus and crew managed what they did because they became irrelevant in view of God’s will. If as a gate keeper my name is mentioned with the same vigour, passion and longing as that of Christ I have not only failed but have done the opposite of Christ. Thinking myself equal to God. We as leaders impose our will on those we lead. Now you know why the church is so powerless. Those that become nameless, nobody and planless for the will of God experience the things of God. God wants there to be a distinct difference between Him and others. That is why he uses foolish things to confound the wise.


2 thoughts on “My Role At the Gate

  1. WOW! Deep stuff! as one of the people who have been ‘influenced’ by your leadership, I must say that it has been quite a journey with God, with myself and those around me and with the teens! I could say many things here, but let me just say……Thanks indeed for getting out of the way.

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