I No Longer Have To Tithe

If you go to church then you probably know what tithing is. Giving 10% of your income to God to avoid your stuff getting affected by weird circumstances. For this reason I gave for many years. If you would have asked me why I would have said because it’s a requirement. In other words I just had to. The Lord expects us to give cheerfully. How does one give like that when the consequences are laid out ? I did it because I had to. When I had an encounter with this God I realised he wants us to do stuff because our motivation originates from the heart. That’s what faith is. Who wants to give tithe from the heart? Not me. It dawned on me that my giving was pointless because it was heartless. So I stopped giving. During this season God revealed to me many things regarding His provision. I realised there is nothing I have that I was not given. I have been given everything. I am continually being given, every single day. All this is registering in my heart. Please note now I know that I deserve nothing but death and hell. Going by what I deserve then I am already a beneficiary of heavenly things. What now is giving tithe? It’s such a minor requirement in comparison. I give it gladly, cheerfully and consistently. The other day I was debating due to my financial situation after God asked me to buy a car whether I should tithe. It would have meant having money to run me for a week alone. I decided since in my heart I am OK with it, I gave him his. That was a Friday, the Saturday started like a normal day. I met someone that gave me what I needed for the week and went ahead to tell me they would continue with the same every week. This has never happened to me. It’s like I am in a dream, each time I pinch myself I am awake. I know today that God doesn’t want me to give because I have to. I give because I want to, I do so cheerfully. Why continue to give tearfully when you can get to really know him and realise what he did, does and will do for you. What is 10% ?


2 thoughts on “I No Longer Have To Tithe

  1. mmmmh….What do we have that you have not given and what do we own that is not already yours?
    What can we give to God for everything He has given to us?
    Actually my attitude to tithe can be pretty superstitious,…until I miss the point of it and it becomes a burden while it is really a love thing. To what extent are you willing to give to those you love?

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