I Am Just Lucky

It has just occurred to me this evening as my wife looks forward to graduating for her masters program tomorrow. I think being dumb is part of the way some people are, read me. I say this because most times we are unable to see the extent to which God goes to make Himself known. Most of us are yet to encounter Him vividly out of the Bible. How do you figure what I am about to write ? She applied and got a scholarship from her then employer. Shortly after that my daughter got a 4 year scholarship that will see her complete her primary school. In the same period my employer paid half my fee for a professional course required for my present role. What do all these things have in common ? I would like to assume there is something special about my family. Sadly we are run of the mill type of people. I can’t think of anything tangible that can point to why this has happened to us all in such a way. The more I think of it the more obvious it becomes that it’s not luck. I do not consider myself the lucky type of person. Being favored has been an unusual phenomenon. Everything seems to have come after hard work. Not this though. What has changed ? Hmmmm ? How would you explain circumstances changing when you had done nothing ? You had not even prayed about it. So can I say I am a beneficiary of good fortune ? Two things stand out for me. The first is reaching a point in my life when I gave up trying to get things done. So much effort with so little to show for it. The second is getting the answer, to what is God usually upto on a daily basis. I was of the school of thought that He was some where in heaven sipping something heavenly as He enjoyed the angelic show. When I asked this question some years ago I was shocked to discover the following. If you want to work for it then it means you are able to. God helps those that are not able. The Bible tries very hard to show that none is able. Humans cannot grasp that truth, hence why we do not experience Him at work. Are you aware there were many blind, lame, deaf etc that never got healed in the time of Jesus Christ? The reason mainly was because they thought they were alright. They were not badly off. The ones the felt they could not continue living unable to enjoy Gods creation, were not ashamed to shout for help. When I discovered how needy I was, that is when I begun to see Him at work. When one is needy they have no option but to wait and trust in the one from whom they have sought help. I have since seen many instances where I have been helped, where my contribution was being present. Just because I was there. It’s very humbling when one is regularly being given stuff by different unrelated people. Do note that the things being given are exactly what I needed at the very moment it was being given. How would you explain that? No, I’m not lucky. I am blessed, by an invisible God that wants me to be a witness of his continuous engagement in not just my life but in the lives of those that have realised that they too are needy.


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