Why It’s Twisted

The elections are around the corner, as usual we are trying to wrap our minds around the most credible candidate. Ever thought about the criteria used to determine the most suitable ? If you think about it, most times the qualities that sit at the top are very similar to what one would attribute to the one and only God. Think about it, for one to be an American president one had to be as clean as a whistle. We all know now that the expectation is unrealistic. Interestingly it’s possible to get a candidate that is less than clean. Show me a clean candidate and I’ll show you Jesus Christ. In the quest for a clean candidate, those that clean ones image pitch for clients. Do you know it’s possible to transform the public image of anyone so that they are packaged to be clean ? You get what you’re looking for. If only momentarily. Once the election is over the public image firm is out of work. In the real sense we are looking for God in a person and the one that meets the imagination is it for us. Imagine how a human feels when they can chose who God will be? It can be so exhilarating, or not. I have always wondered why we become so animated. Mainly because we’re deluded that as an individual you can make a difference. In fact some go as far as to say we need to participate in the process to help God fulfill His purpose. A question that arises is, where do we get the impression that God needs man’s help? Not in the Bible. The Bible essentially is about how man needs God’s help, not the other way round. So why vote? In the Bible casting lots was common when a decision based on options was required. When you choose to cast lots it’s as a result of trust in the process, regardless of the outcome. Particularly when the process owner is trustworthy. When casting lots it’s assumed God is the process owner. In elections however one has to contend with whether the government of the day can be trusted. If it can be trusted then the voting process and outcome will be rewarding. If not, it’s like gambling. Sometimes you win, most times however it’s a catastrophic loss. Regardless of the government, God is sovereign. Regardless how democratic or autocratic the political regime, He is in control. Humans require different circumstances to realise the extent to which we need God in order to enjoy living. When we participate in elections it’s a way of demonstrating the confidence we have in the government election institution. If we do it for any other reason prepare to be disappointed. One doesn’t need to be a prophet to see that many will be disillusioned and disappointed. Mainly because the reason they are participating is already misguided. Remember someone has to be chosen and that person is being determined by a God that doesn’t think like man. Sounds twisted right?


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