Satan loves gospel music


When one looks at the works of Christ as described in the gospels something interesting comes to light. Everyone that approached him with a need was fortunate to have it met. Yes, the blind got to see,the lame to walk and even the dead came alive. I have often wondered why Jesus had to meet everyone’s need to enjoy creation. It was because God created man last to enjoy creation forever. How then can one enjoy creation in totality when impaired in whatever way? If you can’t see it, hear it, walk it etc ? For God this is untenable. Just before he died Jesus said ‘It is finished’. All that is required for us to enjoy creation here and now was made available, that’s what Jesus meant. It is available in Him. Gospel music today has been promoted like something that can open doors to God allowing us to enjoy the things of the Kingdom. If you think about it gospel music is now being fronted as a suitable substitute for Jesus himself. There’s only one small problem, gospel music is incapable of the same results as Jesus Christ. How many blind see, deaf hear after interacting with gospel music ? There is no trend anywhere or anytime in history where gospel music plays such a role. Satan loves gospel music because it promotes his agenda very well.i.e shifting the focus from the truth which is Christ. It doesn’t matter how much gospel music you listen to or sing, it has no capacity to release one to enjoy creation. It’s like eating a lollipop to address a headache and expecting the headache to go. I have encountered Jesus Christ through the Bible and there is quite a significant distinction between the two. Gospel music is sometimes used to distort  the truth, many songs being sang today create an impression that we are waiting for God to do something when the truth is it’s already been done. Would you believe it’s the same with prayer, Satan loves prayer. We’ve made prayer equivalent to Jesus. Sadly we do not see the supernatural that accompanied it in the Bible. This is also because we’ve shifted our focus from the centre which is Christ. Why would you leave your boss struggling to finalize a report in order to go for a prayer meeting when Jesus himself never abandoned anyone to go pray ?  Scripture tells us God did it through Christ and it is now upto us to enjoy that which he did that’s in Christ. For as long as we think gospel music is equivalent to Jesus Christ we shall not enjoy creation. Who are the real beneficiaries of gospel music? These days gospel music is called an industry. There’s a product that’s served to those that demand for it. They pay for it and the industry cycle is completed. Most of those making the music do so largely to make money. They are rewarded every year with awards just like the worldly musicians. Picture Gospel Awards 56 AD, and Apostal of the year award goes to…. sounds pretty dumb. The rest of whether the music is transformational or not is marketing. There are genuine musicians singing for the Lord, one way of knowing them is they give away their music more often than not and do not charge people money to sing. That’s what being blessed causes one to do, remember if you’ve been given freely then freely too should you give. Forget about gospel music and chase after Christ. If Christ introduces you to gospel music he’ll do so in a way that will keep you grounded. The plan was since he died for us we are to reciprocate and die to all things so that we live the life he is living on earth through us. Yes, it’s in him that all things make sense. So will you rush to the next concert for short term pleasure or will you wait for Christ to open doors that will allow us to enjoy creation now ? He’s not just the reason for the season but the reason for living. Happy Easter !


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