Say No To God

As a human, social compliance is such a big deal. However, this mindset is what we cross over with into the Christian faith. Once in the church we are quickly taught what to comply with. You should pray, read the bible and give ten percent of your income etc. The more one conforms to this the better placed one is in the eyes of the church members/leaders. As we do things ‘for’ God do we ever think what He is thinking? Just to show how ridiculous some of the things we do look, imagine this. The President of your country is known to love doughnuts and all leaders that pay him a visit try to take the best doughnut from their country. It’s easy to imagine given an opportunity giving him a doughnut would be such a great idea in order to please such a great person. The reality is even if you wanted, the President wouldn’t be able to receive such from someone he doesn’t have a relationship with. Those that visit the president for the first time get vetted long before they come and there’s an introduction conducted to formally make them known. It’s only after this process that one can extend a gift. If you don’t know God why would you give Him anything ? Would He receive it ? It’s important for someone to come to their senses regarding the need to interact with God. In this case one size doesn’t fit all. e. g. The service starts with praise and worship and every one is expected to participate. How does one praise/worship someone they’ve never interacted with? It’s like going to an empty football stadium to cheer an invisible team. Who does that ? There are those that have encountered God during the week and sing because it’s a testimony of their experience. Why would you want others to participate in an activity that clearly has no tangible meaning for them ? When we engage people to participate in an activity for which they have no conviction we’re leading people into religion and not a relationship with God. Drawing people to God means scratching beneath the surface to demystify what following Christ is/not. God longs to converse with us, that however cannot happen if we do not interact with Him. When we interact with Him it is possible to hear for one self what He desires. There’s a place for wanting to do what others are doing to fulfill social obligations. That notwithstanding, one should be careful not to allow others to always relay information from above when there are opportunities for one to hear and respond to He that is the centre of the affair. You may have noticed that in the Bible God is fond of interacting with individuals to convey that which is in His heart for the person. This is a great desire to instill His heart into ours. When we believe Him, He gets so pleased. He’s pleased because He’s sure to whom the glory will be ascribed. For then people will know He exists through the witnesses testimony. In our interaction with Him we get to learn just how impaired we really are. If you read the Bible carefully you’ll see there were people that He called that said no (more or less anyway). Moses, Jonah and Gideon are good examples. By their expressed reluctance we get to see just how persuasive God is when He wants one to do something. I have been brought up knowing saying no to God is akin to death. That cannot be further from the truth. He longs for someone that can share their heart with Him, as He too does. If you don’t believe His existence say so. If you don’t believe the Bible say so. It’s a really good thing to say no to God because if He wants you to do it He will convict you of it. The interesting thing is those that get to say no start off by being yes people. Until they interact with the Living God and realise the Creator is not like the created. Consequently those that start off by saying no to God end up by saying yes (Saul/Paul). You can’t hurt His feelings but you can give Him a tangible reason to intervene. It’s the same with relationships, imagine interacting with someone that is unable to take a stand on anything just to please you. It can get pretty uncomfortable when they keep telling you they will do what you want. Not because they have a conviction just to please you. When you turn your back or go away they are up to their own things. Sounds familiar? That’s how the Israelites in the Old testament were most times. If we are to move from being superficial we must say something from the heart,  even no.


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