Not Going To Hell

Was having a conversation the other day and something begun to become evident. We are socialised to pursue our goals. We are provoked to do whatever it takes to achieve our passion. In our pursuit of happiness something we’re not told is the conflict that arises in this endeavor of life. Picture this, you realise career prospects are limited by your qualifications. So you decide to upgrade. This may mean channeling time and funds toward this. This will affect your usual social and day to day activities. How does it feel missing a friends wedding because of exams? How does it feel if conflict emerges when your boss asks you to stay late to finish a report while you have a CAT  that same evening in class ? Imagine you’re a family person and the conflict that school brings with the spouse and children ? The time you would have visited (your favourite) Aunt Milly in hospital is not there and she went to where people go for eternity before you could see her. For what? To ensure you can secure better opportunities to pursue happiness. It’s a farce spending your life pursuing that which you consider life only to see the conflict it comes with. As a matter of  fact it gets so bad that most wise people ask the question what’s the point? Anything worth living for will eventually drain one of that zest for living one had when they begun. It just doesn’t make sense! We are taught to pursue the things we love. When we do so, it becomes a monster that devours us. How do you explain that? The Bible is pretty clear. He who finds life will lose it-Jesus said. It doesn’t matter what it is. The more you chase it the more frustrating it becomes. We were not created to chase our dreams. If we were then we should be comfortable with the outcome. So you married her/him. It was love at its best. Against the advice of friends and family though, you plunged in. If you’re honest many desires we’ve followed end up pretty disastrously. Why continue doing the same thing expecting different results? As some Christians preach to others that there’s a hell where bad people will go, they miss out on something pretty obvious. Why talk about a place we’ll go in the future when people are living in a hell of their own making today? It’s hell when you can’t enjoy the success of ones endeavors with friends whom you left along the way. What’s the point of finally moving into the most coveted neighborhood just as the children move out, remembering you’d spent your life away from home making money to achieve this? Even that position isn’t worth it when your former peers now loath you. Let’s not fear the future hell. Let’s acknowledge when we discover we are living in a nightmare where there’s nothing enjoyable to look forward to. After all when all is doom and gloom it’s a precursor of the real thing. Let us stop the lies, I am not even hinting at prosperity, there’s a way that seems right to a man but the end of it is death. Also known as the inability to enjoy ones present circumstances. It is possible to give thanks in all circumstances. It is possible to not be anxious about anything. Of course this is something I’ll write about soon. We see people in the Bible living as if they were in heaven while on earth regardless of their circumstances. Paul and Silas sang while in jail. Who does that? Responding in a way that negates the environment. These guys knew something we need to learn. We don’t need to die to enjoy heaven. We just need to get the hell out of here.



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