Can’t Eat Won’t Eat

Can’t stop thinking how amazing it is that fruits are of so many different types yet all so enjoyable. That’s how it’s meant to be. Sadly there are fruits for whatever reason we are unable to enjoy. It could be allergy or a phobia or just preference. I am convinced I know why God created man last. Since everything He created was good the plan was to introduce a creature that will have the capacity to enjoy all the goodness. I guess that’s why Jesus resolved all issues that limited ones ability to enjoy creation. With no exceptions. It goes without saying if I can’t or won’t eat the fruit the problem isn’t the fruit. As we begin this year we need to start it reasonably. You want to change jobs because your boss is unbearable or whatever the reason. Have you noticed how we have different reasons why we can’t or won’t ? If one is honest with themselves the issue usually lies with me. Bosses are Gods creation and the plan was for us to enjoy them. Like fruits bosses come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of the way they are, He created them and we are meant to enjoy them. Never heard of a pleasant prison but I have heard of pleasant prisoners. When we come to terms with our limitations we are prime material for the miracle working power of God working through Jesus. Are you aware when Jesus was going round as seen in the gospels there were many blind people that didn’t have the need to see? Only those that recognised the problem and asked for help  received it. Generally speaking we are creatures of this world and draw comfort from each other. If my neighbour is having a rougher time at the workplace than myself that is comforting. Yes, we derive relief from the hardship of others. That causes us to look away from the real problem emanating from within. I am OK because my boss doesn’t get to me like Michael. I should instead be asking why can’t I enjoy His creation of whom my boss is ? When we go before God with what limits this possibility it’s a guarantee that He will sort it. Leaving may not be the solution. Would He create the world and everything in it for us to enjoy and then refuse to deal with that which limits this ? Please remind me why God is good. We start the year with very great expectations (most people anyway) and towards the end of the year we wonder where we lost the ball. If we can’t enjoy all of His creation then clearly we are yet to be free from the limitations (also known as bondage) in our lives. May God put us where the teaching of Christ is and through this may we know the truth and be set free and free indeed. If stuck in the can’t or won’t cycle fear not, we’re all created like that in one way or the other. The main reason really is so that we can acknowledge Him in all our ways for Him to make our ways straight. Meaning He wants witnesses when He solves the issue  (how will people know He exists ?) and that will prompt us to ascribe glory to whom it belongs. Happy New Year.



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