Do Not Con Form

I came across something very peculiar about life. It’s so disturbing that I choose to bring it to your attention. It’s for this reason we need to be saved from ourselves. Humans love form. Most things have a standard by which people consider to be proper. That which is the standard becomes the form for that thing or issue. We know through form what is beautiful and what is not. We will die for form. I guess that’s why humanity has such fractured relations. We cluster with those that concur with our beliefs which are a form in themselves. Call it what you want, it’s the same thing. Racism, tribalism, cronyism, nepotism and even baptism (I am allowed to joke). Form consistently ruins the most valuable aspect of living, relationships. Doesn’t matter which, if you stick to form tumbling down your relationship goes. A good example is how contracts are meant to be an indicator of how things can be. I loved contracts. Every one needs to stick to it’s script. When the other party fails it can be enforced. Imagine how uncomfortable your boss becomes when you push for form to be met when the existing environment is not conducive? Who thinks that bosses don’t want to be able to give their team the best possible deal? Which boss likes working with a demotivated and grumpy team? For this reason some bosses will find ways of circumventing form to reward their people. Sadly because of what is called violation of form very few bosses would want to jeopardize their career because of others. Form doesn’t allow they would say. We are fond of form. Interestingly God couldn’t be bothered by form. He does things however he wants and it always works. He is more about the spirit. Form is about the tangible, whereas spirit is about the intangible. They both have their place but the spirit always takes the day. Ever taken an insurance policy and when you experience an issue requiring compensation you get shocked to realise they won’t pay up? The form is clear they need to compensate, the spirit however is different. Usually one would think they are being exploited. Regardless of the issue when one pursues form it will most likely irreparably destroy the relationships of those involved. The fact that we are keen to stick to form means we have a deficiency that forces us to lean this way. We lack the capacity to forgive, to love and to go with the flow. If I like you it is easy to forgive, to love or go with the flow. For this reason we don’t think there’s a problem. However if we can’t be consistent then it means something is wrong. Why should I get so upset with the police man when he pulls me over for speeding, after all there are worse things happening right? He’s just up holding form. Form is a basis to find a solution, it’s not always the solution. When it’s not helping get rid of it and move on. Humans can relate better when they are not confined to form. If the boss refuses to approve my perk request I can push for it. However if I tell him I understand there must be a good reason for the decision, this will create a good working atmosphere. Would you rather have your way and make the working environment hostile or would you rather stand down and enjoy the place? We can be pretty short sighted. If your boss likes you he’ll be the first to endorse you behind closed doors when the leadership are looking for talent. The boss can’t keep you to themselves forever, remember your attribute of going with the spirit not always form will get known by other bosses so to speak. People essentially prefer being with someone that won’t muddy the waters. Those that are like this tend to be treated well by others. Who doesn’t want good treatment ? If you’re the abrasive go getter no wonder few want your company. Chances are if you’re the kind that prefers spirit over form you have friends falling over themselves in search of your company. The opposite holds, if you love form then most likely you and your formys have a club house where you meet. i.e. because no one looks for the other. A case of birds of a feather. Life can be so pleasant when one has different kinds of friends that have different interests and are at different points in their lives. This is what makes life have flavor. The different personalities to enjoy. Why lock yourself in when there’s so much out there to enjoy ? I refuse to be conned to form that I may freely enjoy all that has been created for my pleasure.


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