On The Table

As we go through the avenue of life it becomes less enjoyable, void of peace and very complicated. It was not meant to get like this. God created man last with the clear intention for creation to be enjoyed by man. That intention hasn’t  changed. Interestingly we are created with an interesting characteristic. We love keeping the things that fracture friendships in the dark.  To keep unpleasant things hidden in the dark is not just socially accepted but also preferred. What does this have to do with enjoying life? Keep reading. The world teaches that our strengths can overshadow our weaknesses and thus the quest to know ones strengths is a proposed key to success. If I remember my team building lessons well, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This is telling. In real terms it doesn’t matter how much you feed your strength for your weakness will be your undoing. Hence I propose we are better placed focusing on our weakness for therein lies the key to viewing our life with eyes void of blindness. Normally we learn it’s not socially capitalising to front ones weakness as it erodes the confidence others have in us. Nothing could be further from the truth. Humans by nature are drawn to the needy for us to help. Or we are drawn to the weak so as to exploit. Pick your poison. It’s amazing how we understand the same thing completely differently, that’s how messed up we are. The truth won’t change because I see it differently. I digress. All along I have thought myself great at many things, however life was becoming pretty dull and tasteless. It doesn’t make sense how things that look good don’t feel as good. What could be missing? To my horror I begun to discover my weaknesses and quickly learnt how to hide them in the cloak of strengths. This only forces one to become an actor. A good actor gets a social Oscar, a bad one is called a hypocrite. Regardless how good an actor one is they can’t deceive themselves , not through out anyway. To do away with the conflict the remedy is simple. Put it on the table, let people know. When I started telling those close what my weaknesses were, something strange happened. Gradually those around me begun to actively contribute into the areas of my weakness. I am pretty foolish when it comes to dealing with people. Once I tell guys this, I get overwhelming support through information or issues that point me in the right direction. For this reason I started seeing people from a different perspective. The very same people I was clueless about yesterday are the ones I view with pleasure today. A good example is its easy to forward an audit report with exactly what you’ve found on the ground. However could it be possible you didn’t see the whole picture? For this reason I am learning how to see things from anothers perspective and hence I now post findings that have wider acceptance. Clearly there’s more to this life than just what I think. Through my weakness I have learnt to depend on others. Nothing pleases a human than knowing so and so depends on me. It has largely contributed to others seeing me as a normal person and warming up to me. I can be pretty hard and cold so this has really helped. Uncovering my weaknesses has given me access to the resources lacking that are in others. The more I learn to depend on them in my weakness, the better life looks as they give me access to what I need. When I say when I am weak then I am strong, it now makes sense. In my weakness people rally to me to prop me up. Why hide things under the table when you can put them up there and get helped ? We were created to enjoy His creation. I can’t enjoy those around me unless I allow them into my life through exposing my unpleasant things. Sounds crazy? Not to me.


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